If you aren’t doing push-ups, you should start.

They may not be the most exciting exercise but there’s so much benefit to them, you don’t want to miss out.

Not only do push-ups build strength, they’re also great for shoulder health and stability, body composition, performance, and even core stability

Unfortunately, more often then not, they aren’t being done or not being done properly and when that’s the case, you miss theHe purpose of such a great exercise.

Below, I show you how to do a push-up, so you can start benefiting like you should.


  • Find hand position
  • Screw hands into floor
  • Squeeze glutes and abs
  • Go down and keep shoulders at 45 degrees
  • Keep your body as 1 the whole time
  • Drive up by driving through the whole hand

Programming: 2-4 sets of 5-20 of push-ups is perfect.

Regression: A great way of learning to do a push up is with a bench or a bar. This makes the exercise a little easier, but the movement remains the same.

No matter what, always quality over quantity.

Here is a video demo for you to watch and find out exactly how to do them.`


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