Exercises that produce more “bang for your buck” are always going to be my first choice and this weeks exercise is no different.

This exercise is usually categorized as an upper-body movement and it predominately is, but it requires the whole body to work together to really get it right.

The Overhead Press

The overhead press works the shoulders but also works the triceps, core, back, and forearms.

It also requires your legs to work. Being able to maintain tension in your lower half is very important to doing the overhead press correctly and letting the right muscles work.

This exercise does require good shoulder and thoracic spine mobility. If you don’t have good mobility it would be best to start with the landmine press. You can learn how to do that here.


  • Setup
  • Find hand position, screw feet into the ground, squeeze glutes and get air
  • Walk back
  • Reset keeping back glutes and abs tight
  • Drive up through your chin and slightly move your head out of the way
  • Keep your glutes and abs engaged so that you don’t overly arch
  • Lockout triceps


Sets: 2-4

Reps: 5-12 reps

How Much: 1-2 times a week.

When: First or second exercise of your training session.

Once you implement the overhead press you will instantly see an increase in strength, size, power.

Make this one of your main exercises and take advantage of the great results.

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