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The first thing you do in any lift is get set up. Our setup is suppose to put us in position to lift the weight the most efficiently.

If you are doing a push up and your setup isn’t right, the movement probably won’t be right. For instance when people start with their hips sagging, they usually stay sagging the whole set.

I am going to use the squat because if your setup in the squat is messed up then you could miss the lift before you even un-rack the bar.

When lifting you should never take the weight for granted. You have to have the same mindset every time. There is going to be days where you don’t feel your best, or days when you just feel unmotivated, but when its time to lift you need to make sure you RESPECT the weight.

What’s respect got to do with it?

If you don’t respect the weight, then you are more likely to just nonchalantly get setup and un-rack the weight.

I think its important to have a routine, a checklist that you make sure you do every time before you get ready to squat. I actually have one for almost every movement but the back squat is definitely the biggest.

We want to get setup in the best position possible, we also want the setup to be as efficient as possible.

Here is my checklist:

  1. Find bar position (high or low)
  2. Dig bar into my back
  3. Try to pull my elbows under me and together
  4. Get my air
  5. Brace
  6. Un-rack
  7. Take 3 Steps Back
  8. Reset my back
  9. Get 3 points of contact with my feet (Big toe, Little toe, and Heel)
  10. Squeeze my glutes
  11. Air
  12. Brace
  13. Go

Now your thinking thats a lot of steps, but in reality it only needs take a couple seconds.

When I complete these steps the weight feels lighter on my back, and I know I am in the best position to squat.

In this video I will break it down further and give you a better description of what it looks like for me.

What I often see is people just un-rack the bar, walk back casually and get air and squat. When this happens we are wasting energy, and just letting the weight rest on your back.

We want to put all of our energy into the squat and eliminate ways to waste it.

The more energy you have to put into the squat the bigger the weights you can use.

[wpvideo VyDmRRjY]

I know this will help! Next time you squat give this a try!

I hope you enjoyed this, if so please share!!

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