The other day a client asked me if they were breathing right? This seems like a crazy question, breathing is something you have been doing naturally since you were born. But when working out, different exercises require different breathing techniques.

Obviously, there is a difference between a squat and a dead bug, so it would make sense that you breathe differently for these two exercises. I created a video for you to demonstrate how to breathe during max effort movements  vs. abdominal movements.

Max Effort Movements (squats, bench, & deadlift):

Use valsalva breathing –  This is where you hold your breath for the whole movement.

  • You are trying to get as tight as possible to help you do the exercise and protect the spine.

Abdominal/ Core Activation Movements:

Inhale and then exhale in the middle of the movement.

  • This will allow your body to relax as you engage your core.
  • Brace your abs as you inhale and feel them brace even more as you exhale.
  • When doing these abdominal exercises we aren’t trying to raise our blood pressure or get our heart rate to sky rocket, we are just trying to get our abs to engage and do the movement.

Well lets get the video already, right.…….?


In your next workout put these breathing techniques to the test!

I hope you enjoyed this post and video, if so please share!

As always if you any questions you can email me at [email protected]

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