Greg Robins motto is “Train with a Purpose” and it’s something I think is so true. Don’t just do things to do things. Have a purpose for what you’re doing. Everybody’s purpose is different and that’s okay, but whatever you’re doing, do it with an intent.

A lot of people go to the gym because they know they need to, but don’t really have a purpose. They train with no intent, don’t really focus on what they’re doing, and are just going through the motions.

Don’t go through the motions, you deserve better!

When you want something, you have to go after it and when you train with a purpose you are setting yourself up to do just that. When you have success you will have more fun and more motivation to improve.

The little things matter!

If you focus on the little things, the big things will be easier. I often tell my clients how important the set up is. If your set up isn’t right it can affect the whole movement. It’s a little thing, but making sure your setup is the same every time will make a big difference. It will become second nature and it will become a routine.

If you “Train with a Purpose” rather than just train to train, your results will be better. Like they say, the world’s best training program will not give you a positive result if you don’t train with the right intent. Your effort and purpose is what creates results.

Training with a purpose started for me in baseball. In baseball we played catch with a purpose. Playing catch was not just to get your arms loose. Our purpose was to work on mechanics or hit a certain spot on your catch partner, but the point was to have a purpose. When it comes to lifting you can say the same about your warm up sets; this is the time to focus on anything that you may need to work on. Keep everything the same from your first warmup set to your last set.

My suggestion to you: have a goal, train with a purpose and get results.

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