Sitting down to write since the birth of the twins hasn’t been easy but I am excited that I was able to find some time to sit down and write today.

I have always been big believer in sticking to the basics and building from there. The basics should always be the foundation and what you build on.

You can always improve things and find ways to make things better. Being able to adjust is very important, if your not evolving your going to get left behind.

In the fitness community new things and ways to become more efficient are being discovered everyday.

One thing that shouldn’t change is the basic principles of your training. The squat, hip hinge, lunge, press, row should be your basic principles.  These movements have worked for a long time and there no reason for that to change.

These movements are going to help you build a nice strong foundation and are going help accomplish whatever your looking for.

Properly using these movements are going to give you the most bang for your buck and they are going to help achieve the most success. These movements are going to recruit the most muscles to fire at once and give you a bigger training effect.

Being able to use proper progression with these movements, you can continually help make the movements more difficult. For example, progressing from a goblet squat to back squat.  There is nothing fancy about it, they just work.

To often we try to over complicate training. We want to create the newest and best exercise and try and reinvent the wheel.

Keep things simple, like this post and you will continue to get better.

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