When I was playing baseball, I remember how excited I would get the night before a start. I would get anxious and it would take me a while to fall a sleep.

That excitement came from a few things; 1. The ability to compete. I love competition; I love to be able to go against another person. Competition is the opportunity to test your abilities and the work that you have put in, nothing compares. 2. I got to do something I loved. If you doings things you love, aren’t you going to be happy?

Now, I don’t play baseball anymore, but I still get that feeling from time to time.

That feeling comes from when I know I have a big deadlift ahead.


The night before a heavy deadlift workout I get anxious and excited. To me the deadlift is like being the starting pitcher; it almost gives me that same satisfaction.

The deadlift to me is the most amazing exercise. Its just you against the bar; you either pick it up or you don’t.

The competition of the deadlift is with yourself and your ability to lift the weight.

Over the last two years I spent a lot time trying to become the best deadlifter I could be. I have put in a lot time playing with the deadlift and trying to figure out what works best for me.

When I played baseball I really enjoyed the part of getting better. I took a lot of pride in trying to make myself the best I could be. It wasn’t a chore on my off days to put in work – it was fun. I had to find what work best for me and what would make me the most successful.

Professional baseball is a pretty cutthroat business. You have to find ways to get better. In baseball you will either find a way to get better or get left behind.

The deadlift to me is the same. No, the deadlift isn’t cutthroat, but I do want to continue to get better. I have big goals for my deadlift and there is only way that I am going to obtain those goals.

If I want to obtain those goals I have to make sure I am performing at my best. I have to want to get better for myself.

If you love something you’re going to be willing to put in the time to get better.

There is no better feeling, than improvement. When you’re feeling yourself getting better, it brings a sense of joy. Not only is the hard work paying off, but also it feels worth it.

For me if I am going to do something, I want to be good at it. I want put time into what I am doing. I enjoy the learning process as much as I enjoy the action.

In baseball they tell you you are your best coach.


You know your own body better then anyone. You know what feels good and what feels bad. Being able to feel and correct things yourself is going to lead to better results.

I love deadlifts. I love working to being the best deadlifter I could be.

Here is to getting 500 and above!

Does anyone else feel the same way about deadlifts? Do you have a different lift that makes you feel this way? Let me know in the comments.

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