Today, I want to do something a little different. I am going to call this a Client Acknowledgement Progress Report. This is going to be a series where I outline each of my clients’ individual progress. In these posts, I want to praise my clients for how far they have come.

I have been a trainer/coach for just over a year now and I have really been lucky. I have built some great relationships with my clients and can even call them friends now.

In today’s first installment of the Client Acknowledgement Progress Report I am going to talk about my first client, ever. Sherryl was the first person to give me a chance and I can’t thank her enough. Sherryl might have began as my first client/athlete, but now she is a great friend.

As a coach all you can ask for from your clients is they give you a full effort. With, Sherryl, I have never thought for one second that she wasn’t trying and that encourages me to be better.

When Sherryl came to me, she had shoulder pain that had been lingering for over a year. She was not able to do anything that involved the shoulder, just lifting her arm over head caused pain. She had tried everything to get it fixed and was frustrated and just wanted to be able to train pain free.

Although, it probably wasn’t what she wanted to hear, I told her that she would have to be patient and to trust me.  She had been dealing with this injury for long enough so being patient wasn’t fun, but she did it. She did everything that I had asked and more. She continued to stick with the plan and was slowly starting to feel better.

Her ability to not get ahead herself even though it was feeling better is what lead to where she is now. Today, Sherryl, is training pain free and continues to get stronger.

She loves to lift heavy weights and is very competitive with herself so she pushes herself, almost to the point I have to scale her back sometimes.

Getting women to lift weights can sometimes be difficult, because they are afraid of getting too “big.” I promise Sherryl is not too “big.” Sherryl not only loves to lift weights but continues to want to get stronger. Seeing her push herself the way she does is very inspiring and has even inspired me on occasion.

I have trained with Sherryl a couple times and her energy motivates me and everyone else she workout with. Some of my best workouts are when I have trained with her. The energy she brings during her workouts definitely rubs off on others.

I said before Sherryl likes to lift heavy and she is very strong.

She has almost 1.5 times bodyweight squat

Bodyweight bench press

Well over 1.5 times bodyweight deadlift [wpvideo Gey1YZk0]

Can do multiple unassisted chin ups and pull ups

I have been very lucky to train Sherryl, and really look forward to continuing to work with her.

Thank you, Sherryl!

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