We all have things we want to do, right?

How many times have you said, “I want.”

“I want” to get in better shape.

“I want” to lose weight.

“I want” to get stronger.

Earlier this week on Facebook, my coach and friend, Jordan Syatt, posted something I think is so true.

He said, “replace “I want” with “I am going to get” and you’ll have a lot more things you want.”

I am big believer in how words make a huge difference in our actions. If your thoughts aren’t positive, how are you going to have a positive result?

The right mindset is a huge part in having success. My dad has always told me you have to “think right.” He would get on me if any doubt or hope would trickle into my mind.

When my dad would keep repeating those words over and over and over, I would get very annoyed. Who doesn’t get annoyed when someone repeats himself? He would keep repeating those words for a reason; he wanted me to change my way of thinking.

Now, I get it. If you’re hoping for a positive result or don’t believe in what you’re doing, you’re not going to succeed. Before you take an action you need to be telling yourself something positive. If you say “I can’t”, its not going to happen.

Now, this brings me back to what, Jordan, said this week:

He said, “replace “I want” with “I am going to get” and you’ll have a lot more things you want.”

We all want things, but what are you doing about it?

To me, “I want” means you’re hoping. That doesn’t mean you’re going to take action. If we don’t take action, there won’t be a positive result.

Stop hoping! When you start taking action, that’s when you will start getting the things you want.

No one can make you get in better shape, lose fat, or get stronger. You have to take it upon yourself to make it happen.

So stop saying “I want” and start saying:

“I am going to get in better shape.”

“I am going to get this weight off.”

“I am going to get stronger.”

When you say, “I am going to get”, I believe you’re making a statement. This little change in words is so much stronger and says you’re going to take action.

This statement doesn’t have hope in it. It says you want something and you’re going to take it upon yourself to get it. You control the things you want so start getting them.

We all want to look better, feel better, get stronger but it won’t be done until you start doing. Get to the gym, start taking action for yourself, and you will start having the goals you want.

Don’t be afraid to get what you want. YOU deserve what you want, especially when it comes to things for yourself, BUT you have have to get it.

I can help, but not if your not ready to go get it!

This week, I, announced that I now have focus group with WeightTraining.com. When you become a member, you get monthly programming, video database, email access and more.
Now, I can tell you what to do, but the results won’t happen unless you go get them!

So, I leave you with the words of my coach, Jordan Syatt, : “replace “I want” with “I am going to get” and you’ll have a lot more things you want.”

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