Location! Location! Location!

In real estate, its all about location. The better the location, the more agents trying to win the listing. Location can make a drastic difference in the price, which gets more people wanting the property.

Environment! Environment! Environment!

If you don’t like where you train, or the people you train with, your success is going to be limited.

In my last post I gave you five tips to help you stay on track and stay consistent. What I didn’t talk about in that post was the ENVIRONMENT.

We are a product of our Environment!

I love where I train, the people I train with and the environment we train in. We have people pushing each other, loud music blasting and no one taking “selfies” in the mirrors. Everyone is just as motivated as me.

Some of us might have different goals but our DRIVE is the same. We all want each other to achieve their goals. We push each other to our limits within our own capabilities.

Is your environment filled with positivity? Positivity is a huge proponent to having success in the gym. If you train with positive people your going to have more fun. We all need some positive reinforcement, it helps keep us from getting down on ourselves when something is going unplanned.

When you hear people talk about Crossfit, you always hear the word camaraderie. To have a class full of people cheering you on, pushing you, and helping you succeed you can feel inspired. To have everybody wanting you to succeed is what can help get you through those toughest moments. The energy that Crossfit has is contagious, and is why people who go to Crossfit love it.

You can have success going to the gym by yourself. However, I believe there are challenges that you face when by yourself, especially at a gym full of people who do not have the same drive as you. When by yourself you don’t have that outside encouragement. You let little distractions get into your head , you don’t have someone pushing you, and you might start thinking about what is happening in your social life.

No one can do the work but yourself, but having someone there pushing you, encouraging you, and helping you is all extra motivation.

Is your gym ENVIRONMENT filled with positivity, encouragement, drive? Does your environment fit your goals?

You deserve to train in an environment that is inspiring. Some people train because they know its good for them and others do it because they love it. Doesn’t matter which side you fall on, you shouldn’t dread going to the gym because you don’t like the environment of where you train.

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