Exercise of the Week: The Overhead Press

Exercises that produce more “bang for your buck” are always going to be my first choice and this weeks exercise is no different. This exercise is usually categorized as an upper-body movement and it predominately is, but it requires the whole body to work...

Exercise Of The Week: The Push-Up

When you were little, you were probably told to, “do your push-ups.” Then, as you got older and spent more time in the gym, the exercise faded away. This exercise still has many benefits when done correctly and should be a steady component of your overall...

3 Unconventional Ab Exercises That Work

Having a strong, stable core is paramount to getting stronger and keeping your body healthy. You use your core everyday, from holding heavy weight on your back to walking down the street. Your core produces force and transfers it through your legs and upper body...

Exercise of the Week: The Landmine Press

In this article I’m going to show you one of the all-time best exercises to build strength and muscle in the upper body. The Landmine Press. The landmine press is one of my favorite upper-body exercises for shoulder strength, core strength and stability. It...

Exercise of the Week: The Reverse Crunch

Do you feel like your training isn’t done until you have hit abs? Finishing up with some type of ab exercise really puts the finishing touch to your training for the day. It makes your workout feel complete. The problem is figuring out which exercise to complete...

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