Your One Stop Shop Deadlift Guide

Your One Stop Shop Deadlift Guide

If you’re looking to get stronger, put on muscle, tone, or lose fat this exercise should be in your program. You don’t have to worry about it being bad for you. Deadlifts will help you be stronger and safer, because stronger abs, glutes, and good posture makes a...

Master Your Setup To Master The Squat

Photo Credit: EliteFTS The first thing you do in any lift is get set up. Our setup is suppose to put us in position to lift the weight the most efficiently. If you are doing a push up and your setup isn’t right, the movement probably won’t be right. For...

Inverted Row: The Right and The Wrong

Happy Monday! I am so excited to share with you in upcoming posts what I learned this weekend at the Sorenix Strength Seminars! But enough about my weekend. I am always looking for exercises that give the most bang for their buck. The more I can accomplish with one...

Are You Breathing Right?

The other day a client asked me if they were breathing right? This seems like a crazy question, breathing is something you have been doing naturally since you were born. But when working out, different exercises require different breathing techniques. Obviously, there...

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