Your Body is Capable of More Then You Think

Our bodies seek a comfort zone, in physiology this is called homeostasis. It takes tremendous will and determination to break out of this natural comfort zone, but the rewards can be great. I think sometimes we forget how adaptable our bodies are. In training if you...

Inverted Row: The Right and The Wrong

Happy Monday! I am so excited to share with you in upcoming posts what I learned this weekend at the Sorenix Strength Seminars! But enough about my weekend. I am always looking for exercises that give the most bang for their buck. The more I can accomplish with one...

Are You Breathing Right?

The other day a client asked me if they were breathing right? This seems like a crazy question, breathing is something you have been doing naturally since you were born. But when working out, different exercises require different breathing techniques. Obviously, there...

5 Ways to Get Protein on Vacation

There is a common saying in fitness, “never miss a Monday.” Well I agree, so from now on my goal is to never miss a Monday blog post! Last weekend I went to Vegas for a little vacation with some friends and I quickly realized that how easy it is to slip up on your...

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