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4 Ways To Increase Your Daily Protein Intake

4 Ways To Increase Your Daily Protein Intake

I have been getting a lot of questions about ways to fit in more protein through out the day. When clients ask me how, I often give them a couple strategies to help make the process easier. The biggest thing with these strategies is preparation. The more prepared...

Have You Tried These 3 Squat Variations?

Have You Tried These 3 Squat Variations?

I got 3 squat variations that will build strength, put on muscle, improve performance, and burn a ton of calories. The Double Kettlebell Front Squat, the Constant Tension Goblet Squat, and 1-Arm Kettlebell Squat, are 3 squat variations that you might not of heard of,...

3 Fundamentals For Strength and Fat Loss Gains

The three fundamentals for strength and fat loss outlined in this article are: 1. Loaded carries for strengthening the whole body, fat loss, and building work capacity. 2. Unilateral training for unilateral strength, fat loss, and equal stability on both sides. 3....

Start Seeing Results With These 3 Changes

Start Seeing Results With These 3 Changes

Proper training and nutrition produces results,  but it takes proper dedication, strategic planning, and discipline to make it happen. You know what you need to do, but are you doing it? For results to happen, you have to be willing to make your goals a priority. A...

Exercise of the Week: The Overhead Press

Exercises that produce more "bang for your buck" are always going to be my first choice and this weeks exercise is no different. This exercise is usually categorized as an upper-body movement and it predominately is, but it requires the whole body to work together to...

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