Are you excited for football season, looking forward to watching with family and friends, and want to eat the good game day foods, without gaining fat?

If you follow these 4 steps below, you can have a good time, indulge, and still continue to lose fat.

1. You need to plan ahead, so you allow yourself extra calories and still stay in a calorie deficit.

2. You can’t go extremely crazy, blowing your diet and taking away the chance to continue to lose fat.

3. You need to prioritize protein, so you stay full, maintain muscle and keep your metabolism running.

4. Can’t miss workouts during the week and should get a workout on game day to burn some extra calories.

Stick to these 4 guidelines and you can lose fat and enjoy football, at the same time. Now, lets dig into these 4.


A calorie deficit is a must, if you want to lose fat.

Planning ahead keeps you in a deficit and allows you some extra calories, to be able to enjoy your favorite game day foods.

Lowering your calories during the week or a few days before, will leave you with extra calories when you need them, and taking away the possibility of getting out of a deficit.

If you have 14,000 calories during the week, 2000 a day, lowering your daily intake 250-500 will give you extra calories on Sunday.

Taking the time to plan, gives you the ability to be flexible with what you eat and stay on track.

Since losing fat is the goal, you still need to be conscious of how much you’re eating.

No Big Binges

It’s not a problem to be flexible and you don’t need to be stuck on chicken and broccoli.

With that, it’s very important when you do enjoy yourself on Sundays, to not go over board.

Going in, you have to know that it is not a free for all and you can’t eat all you want, if fat loss is your goal.

You have to be careful when you put yourself in these situations, because it can be hard to stop and you can take it to far.

I tell my clients when they’re going to be enjoying themselves, to stop eating before full and to eat slowly.

This helps you stay under control and keeps you from eating more then you would like.


Got Protein?

No matter what you eat, you still need to prioritize protein and hit your number for the day.

It is important to get .08-1 gram per pound of bodyweight, because it will help you maintain muscle, stay satiated, and keep your metabolism going.

Sticking to the protein goal, will help you stay away from eating some of the higher carb/higher fat foods and running your calories up to high.

Protein takes more energy for your body to digest, so your body will be burning calories even when you’re sitting around watching the game.

Some great sources are:

  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Steak
  • Ground Beef
  • Fish
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Beef Jerky

Make these quality protein sources your number 1 priority and you will set yourself up for success.


You can’t eat like crap, train like crap, and expect to blast fat.

Training during the week is critical, because it helps put on muscle and burn more calories, giving you a bigger deficit.

The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn, and the only way to put on muscle is to workout.

You need to train during the week but you also need to train on Sundays.

You can do a full workout, go for a hike, walk, or just do a quick finisher, it doesn’t matter as long as you burn some calories.

These extra calories that you burn, will give you more freedom to enjoy on game days

Here is a quick finisher, that will help you get stronger, put on muscle and get rid of fat.

1a. Squat Jumps x5

1b. Push-Ups x6

1c. Reverse Lunges x6/s

1d. Burpees (to the push-up) x6

Do this 5 times, rest as needed, and get a great sweat.

Wrap Up

Lowering the scale and getting rid fat, takes hard work and consistency but can be done while still enjoying yourself.

Be strict with these guidelines and you can have the best of both worlds.


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