When you were little, you were probably told to, “do your push-ups.”

Then, as you got older and spent more time in the gym, the exercise faded away.

This exercise still has many benefits when done correctly and should be a steady component of your overall program.



Push-ups are great for many reasons, from strength, to stability, to pure muscular health.

This is an exercise that requires the whole body to work together. Getting your lower and upper half to work together is what makes the push-up so great.


  • Find hand position
  • Screw hands into floor
  • Squeeze glutes and abs
  • Go down and keep shoulders at 45 degrees
  • Keep your body as 1 the whole time
  • Drive up by driving through the whole hand


Sets: 2-4

Reps: 8-20 reps

How Much: 1-2 times a week.

When: Second or third exercise of your training session.

Push-ups will help you get strong, keep your shoulders healthy, and make you an all around beast.


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