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Protein is important to maintaining muscle, building muscle, and even fat loss.

This macronutrient is required and plays a big part in your goals.

When I speak to my clients about their goals, we always talk about how much they’re eating. Most of the time, as we talk, I find out that they’re way under the amount they should be eating.

It’s usually not on purpose, it is because they don’t realize how much they need and the importance it plays.

Today, I am going to go over how much you need, how to get it, and why it’s important.

What’s Enough?

For protein, I recommend .8 to 1LB per pound of bodyweight.

As an example, lets use a 200 LB male.

200X.8=160 or 200X1=200

You see a 200 pound male should be somewhere between 160-200 grams of protein.

Now, you know how much you need but how do you get it?

How to fit it in…


First, before we go over how to fit in enough protein through out the day, lets go over good lean protein sources.

  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Turkey
  • Ground Beef
  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Fish
  • Beef Jerky
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Whey

As you see there’s quite few choices to give you some variety.

Now, lets figure out how to fit these choices in.

As I said, most of my clients struggle to get enough protein or don’t realize how much they really need.

They eat 2-3 meals a day and get maybe half of the amount they should. This causes them to be hungry and finds them snacking on carbs and fats.

If we use our example of a 200 pound male, fitting 160-200g of protein can be difficult in 2-3 meals.

The first thing, I, try to do is find ways to replace there snacks with protein instead of carbs and fats.

This is why I love things like beef jerky, greek yogurt, and hard boiled eggs. They’re easy to eat on the go, require minimal effort, and aren’t to heavy.

This little adjustment could easily add 40-50g of protein to your day. Now, you add that in with your meals and it’s a lot easier to hit your protein numbers.

In the end it doesn’t matter how you break it up. You can eat it in 2 meals or 6 meals, whatever fits best for you.

So…. Why Do You Need Protein?

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Protein is essential to building muscle, maintaining muscle, and even fat loss.

If you’re working hard in the gym, breaking down muscle, you need to replenish your muscles with protein.

Replenishing your body with protein, helps you repair and build back up.

I could go deep into the science of why you need protein but I am not going to do that. You just need to know that in order for you to keep and build muscle, this has to be the most important macronutrient.

Although protein is crucial to building muscle, it also plays a big part in fat loss.

The most important thing to fat loss is creating a deficit. When you’re in a deficit, you want something that is going to keep you full. You don’t want that feeling of constantly being hungry.
Protein helps with satiety, which is something that is very important during this time.
It also does more then just keep you full, it helps maintain muscle.
As I stated above, protein helps build and maintain muscle. Muscle plays a big role in fat loss, and aids in creating your deficit. More energy is required to maintain the muscle resulting in burning more calories.
The last thing, protein is a thermogenic food. It take more energy for your body to process protein, meaning more calories melting away.


To build the body you want, you’re going to have to build a diet around protein.

You need protein to build muscle, replenish muscle, and keep you full when you’re in a deficit.

Now that you know h0w much and why you need it, you have n0 more excuses why you’re aren’t getting enough.

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