You want a strong deadlift, you need to train the glutes.

You want to keep your back healthy, you need to train the glutes.

You want bigger glutes, you need to train the glutes.



The most common question I consistently get is, what are the best exercises to help my glutes grow?

The glutes are the most used muscles, or at least hopefully.With any leg exercise you should be using your glutes when done right.

Just because they’re constantly being used, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any specific exercises that help the glutes grow.

There is 3 exercises that I regularly use with my in person and online clients to target the glutes.

However, if after you are done reading this and want to learn more about my overall five best exercises for fat loss, not just focusing on the glutes, then take a look at my book, here.


So, if your goal is to have bigger, stronger glutes, then I suggest you incorporate these three exercises into your training.

Recipe For Bigger Glutes

  1. Hip Thrusts

There is no better exercise for targeting the glutes then the hip thrust and all of its variations.

The hip thrust has many variations and all of them are great. Start with bodyweight and work your way up to adding resistance.

The hip thrust will allow you to use heavy weight without putting tons of stress on the back.


  • Place your shoulder blades on the bench
  • Feet shoulder with part
  • Shins as vertical as possible
  • Brace your core
  • Drive your heels through the floor
  • Squeeze your glutes
  • At the top your knees and shoulders should be in-line
  • Lower yourself back down

2. Bulgarian Split Squats 

For me, there is no exercise that makes my glutes more sore then this exercise right here.

The Bulgarian split squat will not only make your glute sore but they will also grow.

If you’re one of those people who needs to “feel” the exercise to believe it is working, then this the perfect exercise for you. You will feel these.

Simple as bodyweight will do the trick but as you get better at these you can start to add resistance. You can resistance with a kettlebell, dumbbells, or a barbell.


  • Put the the knot of your shoe laces of y0ur back leg on the bench.
  • Find a postition with your front foot that is comfortable and natural.
  • Slightly lean forward with your torso, but maintain a neutral spine.
  • Brace your core.
  • Drop your back leg to the floor.
  • Front leg drifts forward very little.
  • Reverse up through your heel
  • Finish with your glutes.

3. Side Lying Clams

Not only do I get asked about how to get bigger glutes but I get asked how to get “side booty.”

Side Lying Clams are my favorite for growing the glute medius. or the “side booty.”  As simple as they look, when done right they really target glutes and specifically the side.

As you get more comfortable with these you can start to add manual resistance or a band around your knees to start.

After a few reps of these, you will start to feel a deep burn.


  • Lay on your side
  • Knees at 90 degrees
  • Feet touching
  • Open your top leg by pulling through your top glute
  • Keep your foot touching as your leg comes up

Get Started

get to work

The glutes are a big muscle and can handle a lot of work. You can easily train them 2-3 times a week, consistently and have great results.

Incorporate the exercises listed a couple times a week and you will start doubling checking the mirror as you walk bye.

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