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When you talk about fat loss, everybody’s opinion about how to pursue those goals is different.

One might say diet.

One might say cardio.

One might say circuit training.

One might say all three of those combined.

All 3 of those things may work, and are good options, but are they the best?

Well, like I said, it depends who you talk to.

Today, I am going to give you 5 ways to get started on your fat loss goals.

1.Creating A Calorie Deficit That Shreds Fat.


There is no denying that the diet is first. Without a proper diet in place it’s going to be hard to lose fat. When I’m talking diet, I’m not talking about only eating meat and vegetables, going low carb or low fat. I’m talking about going into a calorie deficit.

There are two ways to create a calorie deficit, (1) with your diet and (2) exercise. Putting both of them together is going to create the best results.

You want to get into a calorie deficit but don’t know where to start?

It doesn’t need to be complicated; all you need is a calculator.

Bodyweight Activity Level
200 10-13

Your activity level will be based on your training and what you do throughout the day. When it comes to your activity level 10 is little active and 13 is very active.

Once you have your weight and activity level its time to break out the calculator.

200 X 12= 2400

Based on this example you would need to eat 2400 calories to be in a deficit. You need to make sure your honest with yourself when it comes to your activity level. You need to be honest to get the results that you want.

Your activity level will change daily, days that you train it will be better to be on the higher calorie side then days that you don’t train. Training days you may multiply your BW times 13 and your off days times 11.

I like to start at the high end and adjust it from there. The more calories you can eat and still lose fat the better.

Being in extreme calorie deficits for extended period of time isn’t going to work or be fun for anybody.

You know what is maintainable?

2.Prioritizing What Works BEST.

Strength training tips pic

Strength training.

Strength training isn’t just for people who want to be powerlifters. They’re many different types of strength. It doesn’t have to be all around building your highest 1RM.

Strength training helps build you a foundation. Think of your beginning strength training as building a house. When building a house you wouldn’t build the walls without having a foundation, right?

When building this foundation you are setting yourself up for long-term success.

Strength training is going to give you the best bang for your buck. The amount of muscles that you’re able to recruit, the amount of energy required to complete an exercise is going to get you where you want to go.

When we are talking about recruiting the most muscles and using the most energy, we are talking about compound exercises.

You want to use compound exercises because they’re multi-joint movements, with big range of motions.

The more muscles required to work, the more energy will be required.

These compound exercises consist of the squat, deadlift, lunges, overhead press and push-ups. These work the entire chain of the body

What is better then the squat for fat loss?

You have this huge range of motion that uses the entire body. You have to get the whole body working together to properly do the exercise.

The squat pic

Nothing gets your heart rate up like the squat, its like going from 0-60 in a second. Squatting for multiple reps, nothing will have you more out of breath.

Kid deadlifting pic

The deadlift, another great exercise that recruits muscles from head to toe. The deadlift will have your posterior going crazy, your abs going crazy and your grip.

With all these muscles firing, your body will be burning fat right away.

3.Burn More Calories Even AFTER You Are Done Training.

epoc pic

A big plus with strength training movements is the effect it has after your training session. This type of training requires excess post oxygen consumption or more commonly known as EPOC. EPOC is when the muscles require more oxygen after they’re used. After a tough strength session your muscles can be retrieving oxygen for up to 72 hours.

The more oxygen that is required for the muscle, the more calories being burned. The body has to work hard even when you’re not working.

That’s awesome; you get to feel the effects of an hour session for up 72 hours. Who wouldn’t want that?

Another great thing that comes from compound movements is muscle or for the ladies, “toning.” These big movements put on muscle from head to toe, not just your biceps or calves. Putting on muscle, especially in the bigger areas of your body is important to your fat loss goals.

Kicker pic

The more muscle you have the more calories burned throughout the day. Your body has to work harder to maintain the muscle that you have. So, what I am saying is without doing a thing your body is burning calories from the work you have put in.

You want to see progress; you want to see results, now. There are no secrets or gimmicks, but there is hard work.

With strength training you are able to make progress now and after the fact. With strength training you will put on muscle and your body will use the EPOC. You are working towards your goals even when you are not working.

Your hard work and time put toward your goals will make it so you are constantly burning calories. That means you’re that much closer to obtaining your calorie deficit.

4.Creating Your Perfect Program

strength training fat loss pic

Programming seems easy, just throw some exercises together, and keep adding intensity and you will be good to go.

That’s probably not your best bet.

As we have already talked about, prioritizing compound exercises, are going to be key. These types of exercises are going to make up the majority of your training session, especially in the beginning stages.

You also know that putting on muscle is important when it comes to fat loss. Your body burns more fat based on how much you have.

When you are trying to put on muscle, you want to work in a 6-15 rep range. This rep range is best when it comes to muscle.

I like strength training 4 days a week. Two lower body days and two upper. The next would be 3 days, 1 lower body day, 1 upper body day and1 full body.

Here is a sample week just for you. This is a great place to start your foundation:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
1. Squat 3×5 1. Overhead Press 4×6 1. Deadlift 3×5
2a. Walking Lunges 3×8/s

2b. DB RDL’s 3×10

2a. DB Bench Press 3×8

2b. Single Arm Row 3×10/s

2a. Barbell Glute Bridges 3×10

2b. Chin Ups 3×6-8

3a. Stability Ball Ham String Curls 3×12

3b. Goblet Squat 3x 12

3a. Push Ups 3×8

3b. Standing Cable Row 3×12

3a Weighted Prowler Walks 3x30yds

3b. TRX Rows 3×10

4a. Reverse Crunches 3×8

4b. Planks 3x20s

4a. Pallof Press 3×8/s

4b. Side Plank 3x20s/s

4a. Farmer Carries 3x 40yds

4b. Push-up Holds 3x20secs

There is nothing crazy about this plan. They’re no finishers or crazy rep schemes. Just working with higher rep ranges.

This plan will build you a foundation, it will get you stronger and put muscle on and most importantly it will burn fat. As your foundation gets stronger, then you can start adding in finishers to the end of your sessions.

5.Putting The Pieces of The Puzzle Together So YOU Succeed

Fat Loss Ebook Cover 3d

You now know what it takes to lose fat. I gave you all the pieces to the puzzle, now its just putting them together.

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I want you to have this book so you can start seeing results in your fat loss journey. It is a journey and this book is something you can always use.

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If you aren’t able to do one of the 5 exercises right away, that’s ok. The book includes a regression for each exercise. These regressions will target the same muscles as the exercise that I prescribe.

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