So last week I told you that I spent my weekend at the Sorinex Strength Camp Seminar and I promised you I would share what I learned. Well, it is time for me to make good on that promise.

This was the kind of seminar that leaves you in awe and inspired to get back to the gym. I am beyond excited to take what I learned and implement it with my athletes, my general population clients, and of course share it with you.

Sorinex seminar

The Presenters:

  • Dr. Quinn Henoch of Juggernaut and Darkside Strength
  • Dave Spitz owner of Cal Strength
  • Damon Harrington the head strength and conditioning coach of Cal Football
  • Chad Wesley Smith owner of Juggernaut

I have been following Dr. Quinn and Chad for a while and I really enjoy their articles.  And for the last couple of months I have been training under Chad; it has been nothing short of awesome.

Alright time to share what I learned.

3 Things I Learned From Dr. Quinn

Dr. Quinn’s talk was about movement, mobility, stability, and ways to make sure you are moving right.

  1. Breathing is very important-
    • Breathing exercises allow us to develop good posture, which will instantly give you mobility and stability
    • Breathing properly allows us to move correctly and puts us in better positions to lift big weights
    • If you want to learn more on breathing check out Dr. Quinn’s youtube. More on this in number 2.
  2. Use the developmental positions-
    • Babies go through a progression as they grow up, they don’t just start on their feet. They start supine, then side lying, then quadruped, then half kneeling, then tall kneeling, and finally standing. Using these positions will help you move properly.This video demonstrates how to do 90/90 supine breathing.  I am really focusing on getting back flesh to the ground and when exhale feeling my ribs come down. [wpvideo LKmHklPM]
    • Your experience level will determine how much time you spend in each position.
    • When you do your warm up start on your back and work your way up.
    • Everyone is always amazed how babies move, babies make sure they are strong and master each position before they start walking. Master these positions before you go max squat!
  3. The goblet squat has many benefits-
    • If your a beginner it will help build strength
    • Dr. Quinn talked about using the goblet squat as a teaching tool. The goblet squat can help you engrain the proper movement for a weighted squat and can be a stability tool until you build core stability.

3 Things I Learned From Chad

Chad covered a couple different topics including specificity, consolidating of stressors, and a squat demo. He has talked or written about all three of these topics and you can check them out here.

  1. Specificity is key-
    • Whatever your goal is, your training needs to resemble that. Let’s say you want to improve your squat, well you need to spend more time squatting. Practice the movement you want to get better at.
  2. You have to build a foundation-
    • When building your foundation you cant have too many “big rocks”. I think its important to try and not do everything. You start with a few big rocks and then build the rest of your foundation with smaller and smaller rocks.
  3. When squatting try to pull your elbows together-
    • Obviously this won’t happen, but it creates a great amount of back tightness, which is required during squatting to keep your body as upright as possible. Give it a try.

I am excited to hear what you think about these lessons! Try implementing these today and share your thoughts!

I hope you enjoyed this, if so please share!

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