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Everybody is looking for fancy workout equipment. The one piece of equipment will change your whole body and make your progress go through the roof. The problem with buying equipment if you have your on own gym is, it can be expensive. Almost any nice or fancy piece of equipment is going to cost a minimum of $300.

Want to know a secret? I found a super affordable, diverse piece of exercise equipment for less than $15! You can do work your whole body with furniture sliders… That’s right, furniture sliders.

Furniture sliders are one of my favorite pieces of equipment in my gym. You can get them from Bed Bath and Beyond for $14.99, you can get the fancier Valslide for $29.95. I use furniture sliders instead of a slide board which is a great piece of equipment but costs $450.

Now, how do you use furniture sliders in your workout? Here are five great exercises that you can do with these furniture sliders.

  1. Body Saw-This is one of my favorite core exercises. It is an advanced plank that targets the anterior core. Keep a neutral spine throughout the whole movement. As you go through the movement push back through your elbows and pull yourself forward by driving your toes in the ground. [wpvideo MngqyJiC]
  2. Body Saw Push-ups- This is an advanced progression to your basic push-up. Not only do you get your normal push-up benefits, you also get upward rotation of the shoulder, rotary stability, and more anti-extension work. Focus on staying in a neutral position, avoid letting your head go forward, and keep your still arm in a normal push-up position. [wpvideo WhiWQwjJ]
  3. Supine Slider Hamstring Curls-This is just another version of stability ball hamstring curls. Lie on your back, squeeze you glutes, and pull your heels towards your butt. Keep your glutes squeezed throughout the whole movement. As simple as it sounds, this will kill your hamstrings. If your looking to target your hamstrings this a great way!! [wpvideo 4YLK8GPG]
  4. Reverse Lunge with Sliders-This challenges your coordination and stability. Start with your shoulders back and tighten your glutes and core, as you slide back remain rigid so that you remain stable. On the way back up, drive your front foot through the floor and really focus on pulling your hip through and squeezing your glutes. The slider is going to give you an added core stability challenge, so stay tight. [wpvideo rtag08CR]
  5. Lateral Lunge with Sliders- Lateral lunges work on building strength, mobility, and stability. As with the regular lateral lunge, slide out while maintaining a neutral spine. Keep your body from tipping as you hit that end range. From there drive back up through your whole foot, but maintain pressure into the slide to remain stable. This exercise allows you to get out of the sagittal plane and build strength in a different direction. [wpvideo fNwqCIFm]

These five exercises will be a great addition to your exercise library. They are all very challenging and will help you get stronger with or without weights. So, head over to your local Bed Bath and Beyond, grab a set of furniture sliders and throw them in your gym bag. You won’t be disappointed!

Give them a try and let me know what you think. If you like this post, please share!!

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