More is better when it comes to money, toys, and food. Although, more is better, that doesn’t mean it’s needed.

Now, I, don’t think more is better when it comes to quality. The first two Transformer movies were great, and should have ended there. Instead they kept making those movies and the quality just wasn’t the same.

We have all heard the saying, “Quality over Quantity.”

In the fitness industry, I think it is very important to remember that saying. If your quality of performance isn’t great, then your not going to have great results. Not only will your results suffer, your chance of injury will be higher.

It is very important to learn proper motor control.

Motor control is engraving the central nervous system (CSN) with proper movement. The CNS will integrate internal and external movements which will help produce the proper action.

If we continue to hammer proper motor control, when the times come to push ourselves our bodies will know how to react.

There is nothing wrong with challenging yourself. We sometimes need to push ourselves to our limits, but it shouldn’t deviate from proper movement.

Our bodies are pretty resourceful and will do its best to protect itself. The problem is when fatigue sets in, our bodies won’t continue to work at its best.

Our form will break down, before our body shuts down. Learning to stop when form breaks down is very important. There is difference between technical failure and complete failure. When programming, coaches will say stop one rep shy of  technical failure.

Getting caught up in doing more reps isn’t always best. Doing 15 quality reps is better then 20 so-so reps. Doing more just to do more doesn’t make it better.

A quality workout doesn’t have to leave you dying. If you beat your body down to its limits every time, your quality of work will not be the same. If you continually push your body to its max, your recovery will diminish and you will not be able to continually progress.

I am not saying don’t work hard. I am not saying don’t give it your all. I am saying, prioritize what’s important better. If you continue to focus on quality, your quantity will go up. You will be able to handle more weight, you will be able to sustain your performance for a longer period of time, and your results will continue to keep you motivated to do better.

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