First let me say thank you for taking the time take a quick peek.

This is my first post of many and I hope to provide you the best fitness info I can.

Before I forget, let me introduce myself, my name is Matt Rossignol. I  have been in the strength and conditioning field for the last 1 1/2 years. Before I moved over to this wonderful gift of helping others I played professional baseball. I chased my dream for three years as pitcher in the Independent baseball leagues. I got to travel the country doing what I love and got to play a game for living. Although it was short, it really paved my new adventure of becoming a strength coach.

I have always loved learning about the mechanics, or biomechanics or the movement whether it be baseball or lifting. Growing up I studied the mechanics of hitting and pitching, I wanted to know everything I could about the two. I was always trying to improve and find ways to get better at any expense.

Although, the point was to help improve my game, I ended up loving that side of it. I enjoyed sitting there watching video and pictures breaking them down step by step. It turned into something I did for fun. I know I am weird.

After my first year in pro ball I hired a strength and conditioning coach who worked for  the Arizona Diamondbacks. The effort we put into my training, the attention to detail and the breakdown of the sessions was something I related well with.

I guess attention to detail is something that I have always really enjoyed.

Now that I have rambled about baseball. I am now taking that same effort and detail into my passion for strength and conditioning. Now I spend a lot of my free time reading articles and watching videos about fitness.

When studying the strength and conditioning field, I am looking to find the best way to teach and help others. If I don’t stay up to date with best info, I can’t give my clients the best chance to train properly.

When training, form is very important. When done improperly your not giving yourself the best chance to succeed, and more importantly you could get hurt.

I want to be able give my readers and my clientele the best info I can. If  your willing to take the time to read my blog, you deserve the best.

If there is something that you want me to write about or just want to say hello and welcome yourself to my site,  please do. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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